Kimberly Dalius

Kimberly Dalius – Innovations in Coaching

Having had the opportunity to work with a wide swath of current and future leaders, the consultant, coach, and leader Kimberly Dalius has had a storied career.

2012 found Kim obtaining her master’s degree of science and Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania.  Her first position was advisory position with Reading, PA based Albright University.  At Albright, she worked with a large part of the general student body, as well as 1st generation students, recent transfers, student athletes.

After Albright, Kim joined Pre Inc as the company’s executive coach.  Her goal was to help senior executives increase their productivity, all while facilitating an environment that maximized productivity and motivation. 

Her Pre Inc position preceded the independent coaching experience that Kim Dalius next found herself in.  Once on her own, she developed several innovative programs that focused on increased entrepreneurial productivity.

However, Starting in 2016, Kimberly Dalius worked with San Francisco’s Resoltz.  Her main task, provide coaching to Princeton University students with a focus on helping them find happiness, feel compassion, and build a happy life.

In 2018, Kim began working with a Sports Talk Radio duo at KABC790 – LA.  Here responsibilities included building sponsorships, innovating new marketing strategies, and establishing outreach.

From 2018 to the present, Kimberly Dalius has been a successful coach at the University of Southern California at their Caruso Catholic Center.  She interacts here with students both individually and in groups.  One of her major contributions during her work at USC was the formation of what is called the “coaches’ corner”.  This innovative program is aimed at reenacting stressful real-life moments. And building them into the structure of a social media landscape.

Kim Dalius is a remote advisor at the Culinary Institute of Miami Dade College.  Her virtual program is centered at The Hospitality Club.  This program enables her to create close contact with the entire student body there.  She takes advantage of this luxury by inviting in guest speakers. And creating methods for assessing mental health issues. With the goal of always working to give students the best chance to succeed.

However, Kim established Mental Minutes Success Coaching in 2015 with the intent to deploy Success Coaching. That helps clients work through the pressures of daily life.  Currently, MMSC has two apps in development. 1) How to stay on task and 2) An innovative way to virtually connect clients to their success coach.

Kimberly Dalius’ most recent affiliation is with the Miami-based MuzicSwipe startup.  Her position puts her in the center of the Muzic Mindset program, preparing it for transfer to the Clubhouse audio chatroom.  She is also a task with providing successful coaching for MuzicSwipe musical artists, helping them to maintain focus.

However, In Kim Dalius’ busy career, many things are clear – among them, there will be no slowdown, there will be much innovation, and many individuals will benefit from her multi-talented approach to coaching, consulting, and leading.  Until then, her past affiliations as well as her present ones will all benefit from knowing this multi-talented individual.