Eric Dalius Giving- 3 Biggest Sins of Outsourcing Initiatives

As a former consultant at McKinsey & Company, I have been involved in hundreds of outsourcing engagements says Eric Dalius Giving. In that time, I have come to the conclusion that companies which outsource IT services for cost reasons alone are likely to find themselves deeply frustrated by their outsourcing engagement.

In my experience, the biggest problems with outsourcing stem from three critical mistakes made by many organizations who choose to outsource their IT: They don’t take into account what will happen when the people and processes they depend on leave or change; they fail to map out and communicate exactly what it is they need; and they treat the outsourcer like an extension of their own company without realizing how fundamentally different these two entities are.

In these three ways, they often end up paying more for less. They also fail to understand the risks of outsourcing and what measures can be taken to mitigate those risks. In this article, I will address each of these mistakes with a focus on how you can avoid them in your organization’s outsourcing initiative.

Specifically, I will give examples from clients who have been successful as well as those who have failed at managing their outsourced IT services providers successfully

Mistake #1: Failing to account for loss of intellectual capital

A number of years ago, a small company that was expanding into new markets called me with an unusual problem: one of its divisions had signed a multi-million dollar deal with an IT services provider who had promised the moon and the stars. The company had outsourced its entire IT infrastructure to this service provider, which then set up a separate division just for that client.

It became clear during our first discussion that one of the reasons they chose this particular services provider was because it could do everything they needed with little or no involvement from them. When I asked what would happen if their relationship with the provider went sour. They said something like: “We don’t know. We’ve never run such an arrangement before”. This is an example of failing to account for a loss of intellectual capital.

When you outsource your IT infrastructure, whether it’s hardware or server management. You also lose control over how these functions are perform explains Eric Dalius Giving. If your outsourcer does not have the right staff, processes. And procedures in place to support your infrastructure, you will pay more for less.

Even worse is if your outsourcer fails to deliver on its promises or disappears altogether (more on this later). What happens then? Sometimes companies with deep pockets can afford to lose some of their IT capability immediately; but what about small businesses that rely on these systems every day? If they do not have another provider in place quickly, they risk substantial losses in revenue and client relationships.

Mistake #2: Failing to communicate expectations

One of my most important recommendations when it comes to outsourcing any technology function is. The client must define exactly what it is they require from their outsourced provider. In terms of what services will be provided when they need these services to be performed. How performance can be measured and by whom. Then the client must communicate this information in writing in a detailed service-level agreement (SLA). Most IT service providers are willing to provide this document before they begin work.

Unfortunately, not all clients do this properly. I have seen many cases where the client’s expectations are communicated clearly but then are not met or measured appropriately. As a result, I would say only about fifty percent of outsourcing engagements actually meet their targets.

Mistake #3: Treating outsourcer like internal staff

Another commonly made mistake is assuming. That the outsourcer will act like internal employees with no management oversight says Eric Dalius Giving. I cannot tell you how many times a client has said to me. “We don’t want them to report to us; we just want someone to do the work.” This is a very naïve and dangerous way of thinking and it sets up your outsourcer for failure. If they are not measuring and get rewards for performance according to clear metrics, they will become complacent in their approach.

Let’s look at an example. A medium-sized company was outsourcing its IT operations functions (help desk, desktop support). Because it had too many employees with these responsibilities on staff (yes, the irony here is astounding). They also wanted its outsourced provider to act like the internal staff. Without having any connection or responsibility with regard to the outsourcer’s management.


As you can see, there are some very basic common mistakes. That companies make with regard to outsourcing their technology functions. To avoid these pitfalls, your best defense is to work with an IT service provider. Who has experience in helping clients achieve their objectives.

Eric Dalius Miami shares 5 Must-Read Blogs about Email Marketing

Every email marketer out there has a great blog to read. Some of them post frequently and others post less, but every one of the blogs mentioned below is worth your attention says Eric Dalius Miami. Let’s start with our very own blog: we publish fresh content weekly and we’re always ready for a new discussion on email marketing best practices! We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well – we post interesting content like infographics and other fun facts that don’t go into newsletters (although sometimes they sneak in there).

For those who want more, here are 5 must-read email marketing blogs:

  • Quarterly reports, guides, stats – Litmus does it all. If you need to be up to date with everything concerning email marketing, Litmus is a must-have blog in your feed reader.
  • It may be tough to find something fun about email marketing – after all, you’re reading this because it’s part of your job (or maybe even because you actually like it). Most blogs will tell you how to do things better or faster, but not many talks about the lighter side of email marketing. We think that keeping good company contributes to good work and we want our readers to enjoy their jobs even when they’re writing those newsletters! That’s why we recommend following Adestra, one of the biggest ESPs in Latin America: besides publishing useful content like their own Monthly Email Marketing Statistics Report, they also share great articles from around the world on branding and design as well as interesting, weird and fun facts about email marketing.
  • David Ogilvy said that “the consumer is not a moron; she is your wife” – this blog talks precisely about the needs of consumers and how to impress them with your emails. Full disclosure: we’re obsessed with conversion rates here at Marketing Campaigns headquarters! We’d love if you followed us too 🙂
  • Lead Nurture has a huge library of webinars on its blog. If you can’t have lunch with them next week, reading those transcripts could be the next best thing! They also publish case studies from different industries as well as white papers focused on specific topics like mobile or email deliverability explains Eric Dalius Miami.
  • Emails are coming back again so there’s lots of talk about them – we’re happy to read some interesting stories as well as useful guides and recommendations. This blog is published by Campaign Monitor, one of our favorite ESPs out there (they make it easy to send those newsletters!).

Email marketing blogs are a great source for knowledge; you can learn new things, meet great people and even make new friends! We recommend following the ones above if you want a steady stream of email-related information. The ones who create the stuff that ends up in your inbox every day. And remember: have fun with it! You’ll be doing this for a long time so don’t turn it into a job. Find your personal way to enjoy sending emails. Cheers!

Marketing Campaigns is an email provider, specializing in transactional and relationship email. All kinds of businesses can benefit from our industry-leading solution. Don’t hesitate! Schedule a call with us today.


What is Email Marketing?

The term “email marketing” refers to sending emails with the purpose of promoting your product or service. Relationship emails (welcome series, cart abandon email) and transactional emails (confirmations, receipts) are also included here says Eric Dalius Miami.

What is Transactional/Relationship Email?

Transactional email is a one-to-one communication between you and your subscriber that carries real value for them. You can use it to send bills and invoices, purchase confirmations and shipping notifications as well as receipts and password resets. Relationship email is sent on a regular basis to nurture your customer relationships – welcome series, cart reengagement campaigns etc. What is Newsletter/Promotional Email?

Newsletter email is share with a group of people who haven’t sign up for your mailing list. You will usually send this kind of campaign once every month. But there are situations when you should use it more often (e.g. seasonal offers). Promotional email is send to people who gave you their consent. Because they subscribed to your newsletter or downloaded something from you in the past.

What is Transactional Email?

Transactional emails carry real value for the user and include purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets etc. They aren’t promotional at all; in fact, users expect these emails and it’s crucial that they get them on time and without mistakes! What’s the difference between Newsletters/Promotional Emails?


Newsletters are sent to a group of people who haven’t signed up for your mailing list. While promotional emails are sent to people who have given you their email address in the past explains Eric Dalius Miami. Transactional emails can be promotional too but they are mainly used for carrying out business transactions online (like making purchases). You can read this blog post to learn more about transactional emails.

Eric Dalius Miami shares 3 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customer base on a regular basis explains Eric Dalius Miami. Your subscribers have made it clear that they want to hear from you, so what are you waiting for?

Email marketing can be an effective way to keep customers engaged, especially when combined with social media marketing. We’ve talked about how some brands are using Instagram for their email campaigns, but that’s just one example of how social networks work well with your overall email strategy.

Here are three different ways to use social media with email.

1) Diversify Your Messages with Social Media Content

A great thing about social media is that, unlike email, it’s not all about selling. You can share industry news, blog posts, and other interesting information with your followers. That way, when you do send an email about one of your offers or products, they’ll be more likely to read it.

When you add a social media element to a marketing campaign, you can help increase engagement while adding variety. Plus, if a part of the content in your email is somehow connected to something you posted on Facebook or Twitter, customers will appreciate the additional context and relevance.

2) Use Social Networks to Promote Exclusive Offers/Events

In order for someone to open your email campaigns, they have to sign up for your newsletter first. If there’s nothing exclusive in that list that people want access to, then it’s going into an overcrowded inbox that never gets looked at.

There’s a perfect opportunity here for you to use social networks, especially if they’re related to exclusive events and offers that subscribers can’t get anywhere else. You can promote items on Facebook and Twitter that will only be available to your email list. For example, if you’re running a flash sale, you could notify your FB followers about it first says Eric Dalius Miami. This way, people are more likely to sign up just so they don’t miss out on something cool or discounted.

This also works well with companies that have brick-and-mortar locations in popular places like malls or tourist destinations. If there’s an upcoming event where customers need to purchase tickets ahead of time, let them know via the email newsletter while advertising the same thing on social media.

3) Use the Power of Social Proof

For years now, marketers have used testimonials to boost the credibility of their advertisements. If you see that “Jane Smith likes it” next to a picture of a new type of toothpaste, then you’re more likely to give it a shot because one of your friends uses it too.

That same principle applies to email marketing as well. Even if you’re just sending out marketing updates from your company blog posts regularly, use social proof on every email by linking to the latest reviews or product ratings on Facebook and Twitter. Customers are always looking for an extra piece of information before making a purchase – this is where social media comes in handy.

Just remember, don’t do anything with social media that you wouldn’t do with email. Whatever you post on Facebook or Twitter should be something that you would want to read if it were in an email from your brand instead explains Eric Dalius Miami.


What is the best way to get an email address from a social media post?

The best strategies for getting customer email addresses revolve around offering a benefit in exchange for their information. If you want someone’s email, ask them for it – but make sure there’s something they can benefit from in return. For example, if your business provides public relations services targeted at influencers and agencies. Then offer free PR pitches or reviews of companies they love says Eric Dalius Miami.

You could also give away exclusive access to coupons or content. That only subscribers receive through the opt-in form on your website. Think about what your customers would like to see most. (Even if it’s not related to your own brand) and go after that market with everything you’ve got!

What’s the best way to use email marketing and social media together?

Offer exclusive deals and content on social media. Then include a link to subscribe for future offers or deals in your emails. This is how you can get people who like your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. More to follow you on their inbox too.


In the end, you want people to look forward to getting their emails – not dread opening them. Because there’s too much spam and not enough valuable content for them explains Eric Dalius Miami. Social media is just one more way for marketers to engage their audience and provide a positive experience all around.

Eric Dalius Miami- Your personal branding strategy for social media success

Are you looking to grow your professional network and gain more opportunities for success? If so, social media is the answer says Eric Dalius Miami. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook provide unique ways to build rapport with key industry contacts, potential employers and vendors; plus they give you a direct platform from which to market yourself as a subject expert in your field. (And it’s free!)

However, not everyone has what it takes to be an effective online brand – here are 10 steps that will help you get started:

1. Use Personal Branding Techniques

    We all know what personal branding is – but how do we accomplish this goal through social media participation? Here’s a hint: think of yourself as a company whose product is you. What are your strengths? Do you have a sense of humor? Are you the go-to person for advice in your industry? Your social media presence should make these things clear because it affects how people view you, whether as a job candidate or potential business partner. It also provides opportunities to showcase what you know and give back to the community through discussion boards, blogs and other interactive forums.

2. Focus on your target audience

    Your message will only be effective if it’s tailored towards the proper audience – who are they? Start by identifying those most likely to need or purchase your services now or in the future. Next, research their preferred forms of communication so that when it’s time to introduce yourself, you can do it in their language says Eric Dalius Miami.

3. Use keywords carefully

    Your profile should be searchable on major social networking sites to attract the right people and maximize your visibility. For example, when creating a LinkedIn account, be sure to include relevant keywords such as industry, company size and level (e.g., director). If you’re intending to use Twitter or Facebook for personal branding, follow best practices by including words that shine a light on your knowledge base while also making yourself easy to find by others with similar interests. A quick refresher: Utilize hashtags (#) when tweeting about specific topics to ensure that people searching for information can easily locate you.

Also, don’t forget key influencers within your field of expertise who may not have the same number of followers, but are crucial to your professional growth. Contribute to conversations that matter to them by retweeting their content or sharing it with your own network. The important thing here is to take advantage of every available means within social media channels to get your message out.

4. Build relationships

    It takes time to build rapport online, so start slowly and be patient if you hope to establish a strong presence over time says Eric Dalius Miami. Start by engaging with people you already know offline – comments posted on Facebook wall posts, tweets retweeted by colleagues, and LinkedIn messages are all ways in which you can connect without overwhelming others at first glance. Over time, these connections will lead naturally into more direct forms of personal branding such as creating an introductory email or phone call.

5. Use visual media

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right image can also make you more memorable. So use your social media outlets to showcase whatever works best for you (e.g., Flickr, YouTube) while also remembering that people want information that’s useful and timely… not necessarily what’s most interesting to YOU personally. And while images are important, don’t underestimate the power of video on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter – it will help set you apart from other industry experts!

6. Participate in groups

      Personal branding isn’t just about using social media on your own; it’s also an opportunity to connect with others who share similar interests within your industry on sites such as LinkedIn or Twitter. This may take the form of joining (or creating) industry-specific groups, participating in Q&A sessions with peers or simply retweeting what they’re saying about topics relevant to your own experience.

7. Research similar companies

      Even if you don’t plan to use social media for personal branding right now, it’s important to keep up with what’s happening within your field of interest by following other companies that share your business interests explains Eric Dalius Miami. If you want to work for Company X, chances are good they’ll be active on sites like Twitter and Facebook – this will give you insight into their company culture long before you walk through their doors for an interview!

8. Realize limitations

    Remember that nothing is foolproof, so don’t expect perfection in your personal branding efforts. Social media is still relatively new for many people and best practices are constantly evolving. Also remember that online mistakes can be quick to escalate, so always think twice before posting or tweeting something inflammatory. Plus it’s important not to just post things for the sake of getting attention. Ultimately it’s about being helpful to others while showcasing your unique talents at the same time – aka social media done right!

9. Keep track of what you’re doing

      It’s one thing to set goals for you; finally achieving them requires diligence and follow-through. This means taking note of all the content you share via social networking sites (e.g., status updates, tweets). While also keeping track of your online interactions (e.g., wall posts, messages). To make sure you’re not sharing too much or coming across as pushy. Eric Dalius Miami says the key here is to balance the need for expression with what works best for your followers. Everyone’s relationship with social media is different!

10. Be genuine       

Personal branding via social media is all about staying true to yourself while demonstrating that you care about others… aka “walking-the-walk” instead of just “talking-the-talk.” If you try hard to be someone/something you’re not. Pretty soon people will see right through it and lose interest.


Personal branding is an important part of your career development strategy. But only if you use it to showcase what matters most – YOU!

Eric Dalius Miami explains Why You Need To Start Using Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing has an ROI of 3800%? That’s huge. Not only is email marketing powerful for generating new customers, but it’s equally great for keeping your existing customers happy and generating more revenue from them says Eric Dalius Miami.

Here are a few reasons why you should be implementing email marketing in your business:

1. It’s Easy To Setup and Maintain

When most people think of email marketing they think of spammy newsletters that aren’t personalized or relevant to their audience explains Eric Dalius Miami. This couldn’t be further from the truth… with a bit of know-how you can implement highly targeted emails that will not only increase your open rates but also generate higher conversion rates. Many authors have found success using a tagging system to segment their list into different interest groups so they can send specific content to each person on the list based on what they’re interested in learning about. Not only will you generate more leads, but you’ll also improve your relationship with your current customers. Email marketing works by providing value to your readers so they naturally look forward to opening and clicking through on future emails.

2. Google Loves It

Did you know that the number one factor in ranking well for search engines is links? The higher the number of high-quality backlinks a site has pointing to it, the higher it ranks in Google’s eyes. One great way to build these highly targeted backlinks is through email marketing, where people who have opted into receive emails from you can be provided a URL or a link that points them to a specific page where they can leave their name and contact information in exchange for getting access to your valuable content. This is known as a ‘squeeze page’.

3. Email Marketing Is Cost-Effective

Since you’re only sending the email to people who have opted in to receiving it, there are no wasted ad dollars spent on targeting random individuals that may or may not be interested in your product or service says Eric Dalius Miami. Furthermore, because you provide value up-front with your emails, readers are highly incentivized to open and click through on future emails; this is great for building trust with new leads and turning them into paying customers!


What’s the difference between a managed and unmanaged VPS hosting plan?

Managed hosting (M hosting) usually means that someone from the host company will install updates, back up your website, troubleshoot problems with your site, and generally maintain your server. Unmanaged VPS (U V PS) plans assume that you have some technical knowledge of how to manage a server or want to learn as you go. If you’re not willing to log into the control panel of your web hosting account on a daily basis, then an unmanaged virtual private server is probably not for you.

Is there any way I can get my site back?

A: Unfortunately we cannot undo what we have done with your site so the only way to get it back is for you to purchase a new hosting plan and upload all of your files. This will cause you to lose any content that was not already backed up though, sorry about that!

How do I backup my website?

A: There are many different ways to backup your website, however an easy way, if you’re willing to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol), is to download everything on your root directory into a zip file or into individual HTML files depending on how you want them arranged. This can be done by logging in using File Zilla, right-clicking on the folder where your website files are stored, selecting “Export”, and choosing ZIP or individual HTML files. Remember to save this file to a safe location and upload it to your new hosting account.

If my site is on WordPress do I need to reinstall all of my plugins?

A: This depends on what type of hosting plan you have. If you are using an unmanaged virtual private server (U V PS) then yes. As you will be able to install the exact same version of WordPress. As well as any plugins again without issue. If you’re using managed hosting (M hosting) then no. Usually managed hosts keep a list of software that they provide support for and will not let you change it.


Just like with everything in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Furthermore, when something seems too good to be true there’s usually a reason for that explains Eric Dalius Miami. If someone tells you they can get your website back by deleting all the files on your hosting account. And reinstalling WordPress (and its hundreds of plugins) without any data loss then they’re most likely lying. The bottom line is that common sense goes a long way; if it sounds too good to be true then more than likely. The service they are offering will prove otherwise down the road. If you mishandle your web hosting account enough you could potentially lose everything so choose wisely!

Eric Dalius Miami says These 5 Tips Will Help You Master Email Marketing In No Time!

In the age of social media, it seems like email marketing is being pushed to the wayside says Eric Dalius Miami. But, don’t worry! Email marketing still has a huge role to play in your company’s digital marketing arsenal. In fact, according to Experian, businesses that don’t use email marketing are almost three times less likely to have high revenue. This may be because 91 percent of people tend to prefer opening emails from their own mailbox rather than an online promotion that pops up on Facebook or Twitter.

With these strong stats in mind, here are five tips that will help you master email marketing in no time:

1) Great Subject Line

Why? Because 66 percent of emails aren’t opened due to appealing subject lines. If you don’t have a strong subject line, your digital marketing efforts are basically useless. People aren’t going to click on an email that says “Newsletter #1” or “Our New Catalog.” Even if you’re sending an email for the sole purpose of sharing with people what you had for breakfast, they’re still not going to open it unless it has a catchy subject line explains Eric Dalius Miami.

2) Personalize the Sender Name

People love feeling special. If they see their name in an email, they’ll be more likely to open it. According to Campaign Monitor, emails personalized with the recipient’s name have 14 percent higher open rates and 35 percent higher click through rates than one without any personalization at all! So make sure that when you send an email, your sender name is personalized.

3) Give People a Reason to Open It

Another strategy for writing a good subject line and sender name is to think of why someone should open your email. It may seem like an obvious step, but it’s often overlooked by people who are either too busy or not creative enough. Try including one or two incentives that will make people want to click on your email such as amazing deals, coupons, an invitation to a special event, etc.

4) Include the Right Call-to-Action (CTA)

What does your CTA say? What do you want it to say? Whatever answer you come up with needs to be short and sweet so that people take action immediately upon seeing your email says Eric Dalius Miami. It’s even better if you can include some sort of incentive with the words “click here” or “coupon.” A lot of people are impatient, so make sure your CTA is easy to find and simple to action.

5) Give People an Option to Opt-Out

Don’t put people on an email list unless you actually want them on it. This is especially true for companies that send promotional emails about things they know nothing about—like fashion advice or sales that pertain to certain groups. If someone doesn’t like what this company stands for, do they really want to receive frequent emails from it? Probably not! That’s why you should always give people an opt-out option so they don’t feel forced to sign up.

If you follow these five simple steps, your business will be able to master email marketing in no time! says Eric Dalius Miami


1) What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a strategy for marketing your business through the use of emails. It’s a popular digital marketing technique because it allows you to pitch your products or services directly to potential customers who have already expressed interest in what you have to offer. Email marketing also costs less than other forms of online ads, such as social media and pay-per-click ads.

2) Why Should I Master Email Marketing?

Studies show that businesses that do not use email marketing are almost three times less likely to have high revenue compared with those that do. This may be because 91 percent of people tend to prefer opening emails from their own mailbox rather than an online promotion that pops up on Facebook or Twitter. In other words, if you want your business to be successful, learn how to master email marketing ASAP!

3) What should my subject line say?

Your subject line is one of the first things people see before actually opening your email. It’s like a pitch or an invitation: it needs to convince people that they’ve come to the right place. If people don’t like what your subject line has to offer, they’ll immediately delete it. So be sure that the words in your subject line are enticing enough to make people want to open your email.


I hope these five tips have taught you how to master email marketing without much effort explains Eric Dalius Miami. Just remember that it’s not so much about mastering the techniques as much as it is about understanding why they work in the first place. This will allow you to take your game to the next level and be able to teach other people how easy email marketing can be.

Eric Dalius Miami explains How to Write an Email Marketing Plan:

A Step-By-Step Checklist

I’m sure you’ve worked with lots of great writers in your career. You know how it goes: hero sentences; clever turns of phrase; that smart, distinctive style. And then there’s everyone else says Eric Dalius Miami. It can be hard to put your finger on what separates the good from the mediocre (and the mediocre from the awful). But you’ll know it when you see it.

Now take another look at those great writers. There is something they all have in common: They make it look easy – like they could turn out a newsletter or blog post on demand, no sweat. That’s because creating compelling content isn’t about talent alone. If you are not careful, though, email marketing can quickly become overwhelming.

Your content may end up being long, short, verbose, or snappy. It will be topical, evergreen, personal, and impersonal. Some pieces are meant to inform; others to entertain. This means you need a plan to guide your writing – especially when it comes to longer-form email marketing campaigns.

With this in mind, I’ve created a simple checklist for creating an email marketing plan. This list is purposefully comprehensive. By including all of the details early in the process, you’ll have fewer surprises later on. And if this is your first time developing an email strategy? You’ll have a road map for success – something that makes writing easier and more efficient.

Over the years I’ve refined and simplified this list. I’ve used it countless times to plan and write emails, and it has made writing far more efficient for me.

 Now that you’re on the other side of this post, I hope you find it helpful as well!

1) Determine Your Goals

Before anything else, ask yourself:

What is my primary goal?

Asking you this question first will make your email marketing process much more straightforward. For example, if your primary goal is revenue-generating (i.e., selling products or services), then you’ll want to focus on messaging around value propositions, competitive advantages, etc. If your goal is awareness-driving (i.e., attracting new subscribers), then content ideas are probably best framed as “news you can use” or around content that is timely and relevant. If the goal is a direct response (i.e., driving clicks to a specific page), then your messaging will need to be laser-focused on whatever you hope readers will do when they arrive at your website says Eric Dalius Miami.

Of course, there are other goals beyond awareness-driving, revenue-generating, and direct response – but these are three main ones for any business. Once you know which type of goal is most important to you, it’ll be a lot easier to come up with a content theme that works.

2) Identify Your Personas

Who do you want to reach?

Just as knowing your primary goal will help guide your email marketing strategy, so too will knowing the person(s) you’re trying to reach with this effort. Are you writing for CEO or entry-level employees? Is your target customer male or female, young or old? Does she have an average salary and annual income? How far along in the buyer’s journey is he right now? All of these questions are critical for developing a messaging framework.

Once again, these aren’t the only details that matter – but they are a good start. By knowing your personas you’ll be able to craft email campaigns that speak directly to them – which will lead to higher click-through rates, conversion rates, awareness…and ultimately revenue says Eric Dalius Miami.

3) Set Your Timetable

How fast do you need it done?

The more time you have before an email campaign goes out (or is due), the more leeway you’ll have for experimentation and testing. That said, if speed is of the essence (i.e., daily or weekly updates), then having a plan early on will make all the difference. For example: Do you already know what topic areas will be covered? Are there specific events that can be tied into those topics? If so, those are your main areas for focus.

4) Decide how frequently you’ll communicate

How often do you want to send emails?

This question ties back to knowing your personas and your timetable very specifically. If they’re all similar age or work in similar industries, then finding similarities between them makes sense. If they’re all about the same stage in their buyer’s journey, then focus on that too explains Eric Dalius Miami.

5) What Type of Content Should You Publish

Will it be mostly text or visual?

Now that you know the who, what, where, when and why of this email marketing campaign it’s time to strategize around the content itself. As a general rule of thumb: Visual beats text every single time. If possible, include some type of photo or graphic along with your messaging – even if that means using one from Shutter stock or another source. This will increase engagement and click-through rates exponentially.


If you follow the steps listed above and keep your personas, goals, and timetable in mind as you do – it should be much easier to come up with a content theme that works. And once you have one, approaching this project from a step-by-step perspective will make it much more manageable.

Eric Dalius Miami: 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns

It should come as no surprise that professionals and small business owners alike rely on email marketing to reach their target audiences says Eric Dalius Miami.

Here are the post 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns that appeared first on ATS Digital Marketing:

1. Rapportive:

Rapportive is a Gmail plugins that appends social media information about your contacts into your inbox. By hovering over their names, you can see their Twitter avatars and LinkedIn profiles explains Eric Dalius Miami.

2. SumoMe:

SumoMe offers 8 different free tools to increase website traffic and sales of your product or service.

3. Mix Max:

Mix Max is a suite of tools for Gmail to help you improve the efficiency. And the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Features include Outlook integration, customizable templates, tracking capabilities, and more…

4. Sidekick:

Sidekick offers analytics on when emails are opened and who read them. So that you can adjust your follow-ups to be more effective.

5. Mail track:

Mail track is a free plugins for Gmail that lets you know if the links in your emails are clicked. So you can monitor engagement and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly says Eric Dalius Miami.

6. Vero:

Vero delivers automated email drip campaigns according to user behavior. It’s an ideal tool for eCommerce stores. That want to increase conversions by figuring out how often they should send follow-up emails.

7. Gmelius:

Gmelius is a comprehensive suite of tools that allow you to customize your email templates. Track which channels are most effective, manage subscribers, and maximize your email deliverability.

8. Pitch box:

Pitch box is a full-powered CRM that integrates with your email platform. To help you effectively manage your leads. And nurture them from the initial point of contact through purchase, delivery, and customer service.

9. Sales Autopilot:

Sales Autopilot is a tool that will automatically find leads for you. It looks at your existing customers and prospects in your CRM. To predict which companies are most likely to buy from you. So that you don’t have to waste time manually searching explains Eric Dalius Miami.

10. lets you send targeted messages based on user behavior. It’s an ideal tool for running upsell campaigns, sending birthday emails to retain old customers. And retargeting subscribers who don’t complete your checkout process.

11. Mailstrom:

Mailstrom breaks down your email inbox. By the size of each sender’s social following. So that you can prioritize your marketing efforts. It’s a great way to see who is already interested in your product or service. So that you can focus on reaching out to new leads.


Q: What is Rapportive?

A: Rapportive is a Gmail plugins that appends social media information. About your contacts into your inbox. By hovering over their names, you can see their Twitter avatars and LinkedIn profiles.

The post 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns. Appeared first on ATS Digital Marketing says Eric Dalius Miami.

Q: What does Mail track do?

A: Mail track is a free plugins for Gmail that lets you know if the links in your emails are clicked. So you can monitor engagement and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly.

The post 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns. Appeared first on ATS Digital Marketing.

Q: What is Vero?

A: Vero delivers automated email drip campaigns according to user behavior. It’s an ideal tool for eCommerce stores. That want to increase conversions by figuring out how often they should send follow-up emails.

The post 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns first on ATS Digital Marketing.

Q: What is

A: lets you send targeted messages based on user behavior. It’s an ideal tool for running upsell campaigns. Sending birthday emails to retain old customers. Retargeting subscribers who don’t complete your checkout process.

The post 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns first on ATS Digital Marketing.

Q: What is Sales Autopilot?

A: Sales Autopilot is a tool that will automatically find leads for you. It looks at your existing customers and prospects in your CRM to predict. Which companies are most likely to buy from you. So that you don’t have to waste time manually searching.


The post 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your Email Marketing Campaigns. First on ATS Digital Marketing says Eric Dalius Miami. 11 Tools You Need to Make the Most of your. Email Marketing Campaigns was originally published.

Eric Dalius Miami – 8 Healthy Foods You Can Order at the Drive-Thru and Never Feel Guilty About!

Ah, the comfort of a fast-food drive-thru after a long day at work – so satisfying! But how can we enjoy our favorite greasy foods without feeling guilty about it later? If you looked over the nutrition facts before ordering your usual burger and fries, you might find yourself shocked to discover just what those numbers mean for your diet says Eric Dalius Miami.

In most cases, the amount of calories in classic fast food options is astronomical compared to healthier alternatives like salads and fresh fruit. Fortunately, there are ways to maintain a healthy diet and still satisfy your craving for fast food restaurants once in a while! When faced with that all-too-familiar menu board on the side of the road during that 3:00 pm slump, these 8 healthy foods will make your day easier.

Sometimes we all need to take a break from cooking and eat out! But you don’t want to make the wrong choice.

These 8 healthy foods can be ordered at your favorite Drive-Thru and taste oh so good!

1. Chicken Sandwich without mayo or spread – Chick-fil-A

This sandwich has 340 calories, 10g fat, 44 carbs, and 24 grams of chicken (protein!) So if you skip the bread and get it as a salad with light Italian dressing (90 calories for 2 tbsp) these are only 210 calories, 6g fat, 11 carbs, and 20 grams of protein! WOWZA!! Talk about an awesome sandwich that leaves you feeling satisfied!!! Winner chicken dinner!! <<

2. Side Salad – Wendy’s

For only 15 calories you get the satisfaction of eating something green. And it is delicious!!! Just ask for light Italian dressing and skip out on croutons to keep the calorie count even lower!! <<<

3. Grilled Chicken Sandwich with no mayo or spread – Carl’s Junior/Hardees

Lastly, just like Chick-fil-A, this sandwich has 340 calories, 10g fat, 44 carbs, and 24 grams of protein!! So sub out lettuce instead of bread (170 fewer calls) and use 1 tbsp of Barbecue sauce (15cals). You save 215 calories, 15g fat (YES I said FIFTEEN servings!) 6 carbs, and 23 grams of protein! Now that is something worth celebrating!

4. Grilled Chicken Salad – McDonald’s

Instead of the crispy chicken have they sub out grilled. They will also omit the croutons to save you some unnecessary carbs! And it is only 240 calories, 10g fat and 5 carbs for a meal that packs 23 grams of protein!! <<

5. Special K Flatbread Sandwich w/o Mayo or Spread-McDonalds

This sandwich has 270 calories, 10g fat, 26 carbs, and 18 grams of protein!! That means no bread but still all the yummy goodness!!! I would say it’s a winner in my book says Eric Dalius Miami. Again it won’t cost you much because these are usually very inexpensive menu items to make! Just make sure you ask without butter or mayo or spread! <<

6. Grilled Chicken Salad- Wendy’s

This salad has a decent amount of protein and only 280 calories, 10g fat, 18 carbs and 26 grams of protein! To give it an extra boost ask for light Italian dressing to keep the calorie count down even further! <<<

7. Apple dippers w/ Yogurt– Jack in the Box

Now, these babies are just 100 cals, 7g fat, 15 carbs, and 0 grams of protein BUT they have lots of fiber which will make you feel full longer!! So no need to eat more than 1 dip with them (20 cals for 2 tbsp.) These are a great choice because not a lot of restaurants offer fruit as a side dish!!! <<

8. Taco Salad- Taco Bell

This is probably my favorite on this list!! It comes in at 370 calories, 18g fat, 40 carbs, and 16 grams of protein! Eric Dalius Miami says So skip the cheese sauce or just have 1 tbsp with it to save you 120 calories, 13g fat!!! And what about all that fiber?? This taco salad has 14 grams!!!! That is really good for a side item!!   <<<

Well, there you go… 8 healthy choices for when you are craving fast food but want to make the healthiest choice possible! Some menu items are higher in carbs so I would recommend mostly sticking to these lower-carb menu items listed!  I hope this helps make your fast food life easier and healthier too!


Eric Dalius Miami says So there you have it! 8 healthy fast food choices that is full of protein and fiber but not high in carbs or calories!! And if you remember this list when you’re craving a quick meal to eat at home, you can make everyone in the family very happy with only one person eating something they would consider ‘healthy’! WOOT WOOT!! I hope this helps make your life easier when looking for a quick fix to an otherwise unhealthy choice.

Enjoy the journey y’all!!! Let us know how much weight you lose when making these simple changes!!!

Eric Dalius Miami shares 8 Awesome Ways to Build Your Own Success Circle with Yourself

Are you struggling to find success in life? Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, it’s not enough? Chances are that your solution lies somewhere between the people closest to you. We all need some sort of support system, but it is easy to let toxic friends or family members influence our behavior and decisions explains Eric Dalius Miami. Their negativity can rub off on us, ultimately causing us more harm than good.

Instead of surrounding yourself with negative energy, try building a success circle with you by following these 8 steps:

1. Make a List of Your Talents and Abilities

Many of us suffer from “imposter syndrome”, where we always think others are better than us at everything – even if true talents lie elsewhere. It’s important to understand what you are good at so that you can utilize those talents as much as possible says Eric Dalius Miami. Try this exercise: start writing a list of all your positive traits, from being athletic to being a great listener. When you have a long enough list, pick out the top 5 skills and focus on honing them even more!

2. Make a List of Your Weaknesses and Failures

No one is perfect, and it’s important to learn how to bounce back when things don’t go our way. Identifying the negatives in life shows where we need improvement, which makes it easier for us to reach success. Make another list of everything bad that has happened to you – may be someone stole your idea at work or perhaps you failed math class. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you learn about your character and how to improve it.

3. Find a Mentor

In any industry, having a mentor that has been in the business for quite some time can be extremely beneficial. They know all of the pitfalls and can help guide you through them as well as steer you away from them entirely. Whether they’re an old family friend or even someone online, make sure your mentor is not toxic and wants what’s best for you! Sometimes we need advice from those who have already experienced failure to make us stronger and build our self-esteem says Eric Dalius Miami.

4. Create a “Success Book”

We’ve all heard of a “bucket list”, now create one but with the opposite intention. A bucket list usually focuses on things you want to do before dying, while a success book is full of the things you want to achieve. Fill it with your goals for this year and how achieving they will make you feel! Maybe one of your goals is getting a promotion at work or maybe running a marathon – either way documenting these accomplishments shows what you are capable of and encourages you to keep going when times get tough.

5. Be Around People Who Have Already Succeeded In Life

This seems counterproductive because we’re supposed to surround ourselves with people who have the same interests as us, but sometimes it’s good to expand our social circles into those that can take us out of our comfort zone. Besides talking about your problems, hanging out with those who have already achieved success can show you what is possible if you put your mind to it. If these friends are healthy and encouraging, they will push us even harder than our own motivation would.

6. Cut Down On the Negativity

Negative people are contagious, whether you realize it or not. Your coworkers could be complaining about their jobs, your friends could be constantly whining about their relationships, or your family members could be criticizing everything you say – this is all poison that doesn’t help us accomplish our goals! It’s time to start cutting these toxic people out of our lives so we can build the support system we truly need. Don’t feel guilty because these people don’t deserve another opportunity to disrespect you.

7. If You Make a Mistake, Learn From It and Move On As Quickly As Possible

Nobody is perfect and mistakes happen (trust me, I make plenty). Instead of beating ourselves up over every little mishap, we should focus on how to correct it and learn from the experience. Mistakes are what make us stronger, more educated, and more successful – so long as we don’t let them beat us down. Don’t dwell on your past mistakes; it’s time for you to grow up and accept that making a mistake is an opportunity to improve yourself!

8. Schedule Time for Relaxing and Having Fun

Between work, home, school, other obligations, etc., people always seem to be rushing around doing something important explains Eric Dalius Miami. If this sounds like you, then maybe you’re ignoring the importance of “you” time! Allotting specific times for relaxing will help reduce stress over time because you can look forward to those special moments.


It’s important to realize that there are many ways to achieve success in life. It doesn’t have to be something that takes decades of hard work – sometimes the smallest steps lead to great things. These 5 simple exercises can help guide us through some discomforting times so that we can ultimately find happiness within ourselves. What other ways have you found helpful in building a circle of support?

Eric Dalius Miami: 7 Email Marketing Tips That Will Drive More Customers to Your Business

Some businesses still think that email marketing is something that only big companies can do, but it’s just not true says Eric Dalius Miami.

You can drive new visitors and sales with email marketing regardless of the size of your business if you keep these tips in mind:

1. Using a personal address for your messages makes you look more professional ([email protected]). Don’t use Gmail or Yahoo! Mail addresses because they make you look like an amateur ([email protected], [email protected]) [Unless your business name is actually Your Name @ Gmail /Your Site @ Yahoo -Ed.]

2. Add multiple links to different products and services at the bottom of every message and include a link to your website and blog. Most email programs will give you the option of creating a clickable image so that people can order online without leaving their inbox – this is an excellent way to increase sales.

3. If someone receives multiple emails from your company, they’re more likely to trust what you say and eventually become a customer explains Eric Dalius Miami.

4. Make sure that every single email has a highly-relevant call to action (CTA). If you want readers to buy something or even subscribe to your newsletter, make it obvious and easy for them by adding buttons with clear messages like “Buy Now” and “Subscribe.”

5.  The only thing worse than not getting any response at all is getting a negative response.

If someone unsubscribes to your emails, send them a personal message asking why they’re not interested in what you have to say anymore and try another subject line on the next email. The same thing goes if you get too many complaints about an email; don’t keep sending messages with the same content or people might start feeling like their time is being wasted.

6. Make sure that your messages are always relevant to readers by including information on products and services based on where they live (or where they signed up). It’s also important to use personalized salutations like “Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms.,” or “Hi.”

7. Add links within your messages wherever possible (on product descriptions, calls to action, or even your email signature). It’s a good idea to include a link back to the unsubscribe page as well so that people can easily remove themselves from your list if they want to.

In order to get the most out of your email marketing campaign, it’s essential that you track all open and click-through rates. You’ll be able to see exactly what emails are performing best with readers and use those subject lines again in the future says Eric Dalius Miami.

You should also look for different templates that prove to be more effective – this is especially true if you have a specific goal in mind like driving sales or getting new sign-ups.

The key is to always make sure that your customers enjoy reading your messages and finding something useful inside – otherwise, they’ll stop reading altogether.


Q: What is professional email?

A: Email addresses like [email protected] make you look more professional than using personal addresses like [email protected] or [email protected].

Q: Should I include images in my messages?

A: Yes! Including clickable images that take readers to your website or blog can help increase online sales and drive traffic to different sections of your site. 

Q: How often are people supposed to check their emails?

A: It’s best to give subscribers a range rather than an exact number. Because many people may be checking multiple times per day, while others only log in every few days. Try sending out one email per week if you want regular updates. Or once per day if you’re offering a particularly special deal says Eric Dalius Miami.

Q: What do I need to know about email marketing software?

A: There are a number of different programs available that will help automate your messages. Track different statistics like open rates, click-through, etc. One of the most popular options with small businesses is MailChimp [Ed. Note – it’s free!] because it offers a basic service for no charge at all and includes useful features with premium packages. In fact, MailChimp recently introduced new mobile apps. So people can view their emails on the go with Apple and Android devices.


Email marketing is a great way to reach potential customers. But you need to know how to do it properly says Eric Dalius Miami. Keep these tips in mind next time you start composing emails. Always remember that the most effective messages are personalized for individual readers.       

Eric Dalius Miami: 15 easy ways to make money from home for busy people

Here are 15 Easy ways:

1. Get a part-time job.

Working a few hours each week can help you bring in some extra money. You may be able to find a job that fits your busy schedule says Eric Dalius Miami.

2. Do odd jobs for your friends and neighbors.

If you have some time on your hands, offer to do odd jobs for your friends and neighbors. This could include raking leaves, shoveling snow, or helping out with other yard work.

3. Participate in online surveys.

There are many survey companies that will pay you to complete surveys online. This is a great way to make a little extra money from home.

4. out a room in your house.

If you have an extra room in your house, consider renting it out. If you’re having a garage sale, use Craigslist to advertise the space for rent. You can also look into websites that help match up potential renters with room owners says Eric Dalius Miami.

5. Get paid to take pictures of artwork at galleries and museums for online auctions.

Many art galleries are looking for pictures of artwork on their walls so they can list them on online auction sites. This is a great way to make quick cash if you are good with photography or have the right equipment already available.

6. Advertise your dog walking or pet sitting services.

Many people who own dogs need someone to walk them once or twice a day, especially if they work long hours. You can advertise your services on online classifieds websites or through word of mouth says Eric Dalius Miami.

7. Offer your professional organizing services to busy people.

Many people are too busy to organize their own homes and offices. If you have a knack for organization, consider advertising your services to busy people.

8. Take care of someone’s pet while they’re out of town.

If you love animals, consider taking care of someone’s pet while they’re out of town. This can be a great way to make some extra money and help out a fellow pet lover at the same time.

9. Start a blog about your favorite hobby or interest and offer paid subscriptions.

Blogging can be a great way to make some side income, and you can even offer paid subscriptions to premium content through your blog.

10. Participate in focus groups and product testing panels.

Many companies regularly recruit people for focus groups and product testing panels so they can get feedback on their new products before they hit the market explains Eric Dalius Miami. This is a great way to make extra money, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your current schedule.

11. Sell your old cell phone or laptop online.

Many people upgrade their phones or computers every few years, which means there are plenty of used devices out there that could be available at a cheap price. You might not make a lot of money from this idea, but it’s easy and doesn’t require much time or effort on your part.

12. Become a virtual assistant for busy professionals.

If you have strong writing skills and are great on the computer, consider becoming a virtual assistant or personal organizer. You can work on a freelance basis or find full-time employment with one person at an online staffing firm.

13. Part-time nanny for busy families with children under 12 years of age.

Many parents find themselves in need of some extra help around the home when they have young kids to take care of, which is why there is always a demand for part-time babysitters, nannies, and caregivers for children under 12 years old in most areas of the U.S. You could also advertise locally through flyers posted in the community.

14. Outdoor cleaning services, such as leaf raking and snow shoveling.

If you love working outside in the fresh air, consider offering outdoor cleaning services like yard work and lawn care to your neighbors and other community members. If you want to make this a business opportunity, it helps to be licensed for this type of work in most states. However, it can be done on a part-time, as-needed basis if you don’t have any special licenses or training.

15. Bill paying service for busy people who don’t want the hassle of calling around.

Many busy people just need someone to take care of their monthly bills – especially since they’re too lazy – which is why there’s always a demand for people who offer bill-paying services. You can either offer this service on a freelance basis or find a part-time job with a company that provides this type of service.


There are plenty of ways to make extra money on the side, and these are just a few examples. If you have some extra time and skills that you can offer to others, there’s a good chance that you can find a way to make money from it says Eric Dalius Miami. Just be sure to research the options carefully and choose something that fits well with your schedule and interests.

Eric Dalius Miami – 15 easy & fast ways to make money at home for stay at home moms

Here are 15 easy & fast ways:

1. Sell your crafts or art on Etsy:

Do you like to crochet, knit, sew, paint, or make jewelry? If so, you can sell your creations on Etsy is a great site for handmade items and vintage finds. You can set up your own shop for free and start selling right away says Eric Dalius Miami. Etsy is very popular, so your items will get lots of traffic.

2. Set up a virtual shop on Big Crumbs:

Big Crumbs is another site that can help you sell your stuff online for free. They pay their members every time they make a purchase at one of the sites listed in their “Shop It to Me” directory, which include places like Overstock and Group on. You earn money when people buy something through your link (just like when you click on an ad banner on someone else’s blog)

3. Create my own website with Site Ground Hosting:

With Site Ground hosting, I can create my own website in minutes without any knowledge about coding or design skills. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you can create a website with Site Ground. Plus, their customer service is excellent and they offer a wide range of features, like free domain name registration and unlimited storage space.

4. Become a social media manager:

Do you love spending time on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Why not get paid to do what you love? Social media managers are in high demand these days. Companies are looking for people who can help them manage their social media accounts and create interesting content. If you’re good at promoting products or services online, this could be a great way to make money from home says Eric Dalius Miami.

5. Offer freelance services:

Are you good at writing, design, or programming? Do you have some experience in these areas? If so, you can find people who need your help and offer your services to them through freelance websites like,, or You can compete for jobs on these sites against other freelancers from around the world.

6. Participate in market research:

Companies want feedback from their customers but they don’t always have the time or money to conduct a full-blown survey. But by using a site like Inbox Dollars, where you get rewarded for taking online surveys and trying new products, they get valuable feedback without spending any extra money. You could be providing them with great ideas for free!

7. Earn money from home taking paid surveys online:

In addition to Inbox Dollars, there are many other survey sites where you can earn money for your opinions. Survey sites like Swag bucks pay you in gift cards, cash, or merchandise for completing surveys. You can also find survey opportunities on websites like Opinion Outpost and Pinecone Research.

8. Manage a blog:

Do you have a passion for writing? Why not start a blog and share your thoughts with the world? Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and experiences with others, and it can be a very lucrative endeavor as well. There are many ways to make money from blogging, including advertising, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services explains Eric Dalius Miami.

9. Subscribe to video or audio content:

If you like to listen to podcasts or watch YouTube videos, consider monetizing your hobby by becoming a podcaster or YouTuber. When you start a podcast or YouTube channel, you can then begin allowing advertisements at the beginning and end of each episode as well as product placements within the video itself. Doing this can help turn your content into money.

10. Sell handmade signs:

Do people in your neighborhood often complain about faulty street signs? If so, why not make them yourself and sell them? You could even offer installation services and charge extra for that. 

11. Sell wall art:

Instead of just hanging something on your walls once and never looking at it again, try selling it instead! Many people would love to purchase art or photographs from talented artists, so consider putting your work up for sale online. You can sell them on websites like Etsy and eBay or through your own website.

12. Participate in clinical trials

Clinical trials are experiments done on humans to test the safety and effectiveness of medications that have already been approved by the FDA. If you’re healthy, between 18-65 years old, and willing to apply for a trial, you could earn $3K – $5K just for participating in one! Most trials will pay an honorarium just for showing up plus additional money when certain tests are performed (in addition to physical exams). Check out sites like this one to find out if there are any studies near you that are recruiting participants.

13. Provide daycare services:

If you’re good with kids, consider starting a home daycare center. This can be a great way to make money while also providing a valuable service to your community. You can find more information about starting daycare on websites like this one says Eric Dalius Miami.

14. Offer pet-sitting services:

Do you love animals? Why not offer your services as a pet-sitter? You can charge by the hour, or you could set up a flat rate for taking care of an animal for an entire week or month. You can find clients through word of mouth, online listings, or even by placing flyers in your neighborhood.

15. Sell handmade crafts:

Do you enjoy making things by hand? Why not sell your crafts online? There are many websites where you can sell your creations, and it’s a great way to make some extra money. You can find craft shows to participate in, or you could set up a shop on Etsy or eBay.


Eric Dalius Miami says as you can see, there are many ways to make money without having a traditional job. Use these 15 ideas as inspiration for your own money-making venture!

Eric Dalius Miami: 10 Ways to Use Social Media for a Better Job Search

Here are 10 Ways to Use Social Media for a Better Job Search:

1. Use LinkedIn to research potential employers and connect with recruiters.

LinkedIn is a great resource for researching companies and connecting with recruiters explains Eric Dalius Miami. You can view company profiles to learn about their business, read employee reviews, and see which recruiters are connected to the company. You can also send InMails to recruiters to introduce yourself and express your interest in working for their company.

2. Use Twitter to follow companies and industry experts.

Twitter is a great resource for staying up-to-date on companies and industry news. You can follow companies to learn about their products and services, and follow industry experts to get advice on your job search. Additionally, you can use Twitter to tweet at companies that you want to work for and see if they are hiring.

3. Use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family.

Although you might not want your grandmother to see your profile, Facebook is a great way to keep up to date with friends and family while on the job hunt. You can also use the website as a newsfeed of sorts, allowing you to read articles from top career sites so that you don’t have to spend time searching for them yourself. Furthermore, some companies recruit new talent on Facebook by creating a page or group about their company and inviting applicants to apply directly through it.

4. Use Pinterest to create professional boards.

If you’re looking for inspiration on what career path you want to take or how best to dress for an interview, Pinterest is great for finding ideas says Eric Dalius Miami. You can create boards to track your progress in the job hunt process and also share helpful tips with friends.

5. Use Instagram to see behind-the-scenes photos of companies or events you are interested in working for or attending.

Instagram allows you to follow companies and industry experts just as you would on Twitter. In addition, following a company on Instagram means that you will see photos from events they attend, such as conferences or networking nights—giving you a sneak peek into what it might be like to work for them.

6. Use Snapchat to give your followers exclusive access to your day-to-day life.

We know…you don’t want random people knowing where you live and what you’re doing every day. However, if you’re looking for a job in a creative field, Snapchat can be a great way to show off your skills. You can take snaps of your work or everyday life and share them with your followers. This gives potential employers a look at the type of person you are and how you might fit into their company culture.

7. Use Google+ to join Communities related to your industry.

Google+ Communities are an excellent resource for finding advice and networking opportunities related to your industry. You can join communities of people who have an interest in the same job as you or find communities of experts who can give you advice on your specific field. Additionally, many companies have their own Google+ page where they post about new hires and events.

8. Use Quora to answer questions related to your industry.

If you’re looking for a job in a specific field, Quora is a great place to start. You can search for questions related to your industry and then answer them with your own expert advice. This not only gives you exposure as an expert in your field, but also shows potential employers that you are passionate about and knowledgeable about the industry you want to work in.

9. Use Reddit to get insights from people in your desired profession.

Reddit is a great resource for getting insights from people who are already working in the field you want to pursue explains Eric Dalius Miami. You can browse through different subreddits (forums) that are related to your desired profession and read people’s stories and advice on how they got where they are today. This is a great way to learn about potential career paths and get advice from people who have already succeeded in your desired field.

10. Use LinkedIn to make connections with people in your desired field.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to make connections with professionals in your desired field. You can search for people who work at companies you’re interested in, or find experts in your desired field and connect with them directly. Additionally, many companies use LinkedIn to post job openings and review resumes. So, if you’re not already using LinkedIn, it’s time to start!


Now that you know how to use social media while job hunting, it’s time to get started! The best way to maximize your results is to use each platform for what it does best says Eric Dalius Miami. If you’re looking for news and also updates about your field, be sure to follow your favorite companies or industry experts on Twitter or Facebook. On the other hand, if you want to connect with people who are already working on your desired career path, LinkedIn is a great resource. Social media can be overwhelming, especially while you’re busy searching for a job. So, make sure to bookmark this page and come back when you need some advice on how to use social media more effectively.

Eric Dalius Miami: 10 steps to making more money in your day job

Now that you have a plan to make more money outside of your day job, it’s time to focus on making more money in your current position says Eric Dalius Miami.

Here are ten steps to help you get started:

1. Negotiate a raise

If you haven’t asked for a raise recently, now is the time to do so. Start by doing some research to find out what others in your position are making. Armed with this information, go into your meeting with your boss prepared to negotiate. If you can show that you’re an asset to the company, they may be more likely to give you a raise.

2. Take on extra work

If a raise isn’t possible, consider taking on extra work to bring in extra money. This may be hard to balance with your current workload, but it can be worth it if you’re able to bring in more than what you’re paid per hour.

3. Look for a new job

If neither of these options is feasible, then it’s time to reevaluate the situation and look for another job that pays better or offers better opportunities says Eric Dalius Miami. Sometimes, making more money requires changing jobs. I’m going through this article point by point… 1) if you haven’t asked for a raise recently, now is the time to do so

Okay, let’s do this! I’ve been at my company 5 years come January 2013- how much $$ would one reasonably expect from an exemplary employee with said tenure?

4. Get a second job

Another way to increase your income is by getting another job. This may not be feasible for everyone, but if you can take on an additional job, it can help you bring in more money.

5. Network with others

The best way to get ahead at work is to network with people inside and outside of the company. The more connections you have, the better position you’ll be in when looking for future jobs or even clients if you’re self-employed. If networking isn’t really your thing, try attending industry events where professionals like yourself will be.

6. Don’t settle for average pay increases every year

If every year your salary increases by 5%, that’s pretty much making do with what you’ve got. Try for an average salary increase of 8% or even 10%. This may be harder to do, but if you manage it every year, the increases will really add up over time.

7. Hire a financial planner

If none of these tips work for you and you’re concerned that your spending is too high, hire a financial planner who can help reduce your expenses and save more money. I got lazy with my budgeting over the holidays! Time to get back on track! woohoo #8) Look for other employment options If none of the above tactics are feasible, explore other employment opportunities. Only as a last resort though- don’t jump from job to job just because they pay more. Make sure there’s some stability there, and that the job is in line with your career goals.

9. Use a budget

One of the best ways to save more money is by using a budget. This will help you track where your money is going and figure out where you can cut back on expenses.

10. Stick to your budget

Once you have a budget in place, be sure to stick to it. This may be hard at first, but with time it will become easier says Eric Dalius Miami. If you find that you’re not able to stick to your budget, reevaluate it until you find one that works for you.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to making more money, however, by following these tips, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your goal.

10 tips on how to make more money in 2013! Hope this helps someone! A new year is a perfect time for a fresh start- and maybe even a better salary? Keep dreaming of that big promotion.


So there you have it- 10 tips on how to make more money in 2013. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a bigger paycheck. Just remember that each situation is different, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you.

This brings us to the end of this article. Thank you for reading! Keep dreaming big and hopefully, your salary will reflect that sooner rather than later. 🙂 Remember, if you have any additional questions or need some advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help!

Eric Dalius Miami shares 10 simple steps to making more money each month for entrepreneurs

Making more money each month is a goal that many entrepreneurs have says Eric Dalius Miami.

While it may seem like a difficult task, it can actually be quite simple if you follow these 10 steps:

1. Assess your expenses and income.

The first step to making more money each month is to assess your current financial situation. This includes understanding your monthly expenses and income. Once you have this information, you can begin to create a budget and figure out where you can make adjustments in order to increase your income.

2. Create a budget and stick to it.

Creating a budget is the key to effectively managing your finances. Not only will it help you understand where your money is going each month, but it will also allow you to set a monthly budget for expenses and a plan for increasing your income. Once you have a budget, be sure to follow it so that you can see the results.

3. Look at your monthly revenue streams.

Once you have assessed your current situation and created a budget, start looking at how you can increase your income each month. The first place to look is in the different revenue streams that you currently have explains Eric Dalius Miami. For example, if you sell an item on eBay, consider selling more of this item. Or if you offer consulting services online, consider adding another package or selling multiple sessions with each client instead of just one session like before. This will help to increase the amount of money coming into your business each month and allow you to reach your goal.

4. Get organized and track your income and expenses.

One of the best ways to manage your money is to get organized and track your income and expenses each month. This will help you to see where you are overspending and identify areas in which you can make adjustments. By tracking your income and expenses, you can also ensure that you are staying on budget and meeting your financial goals.

5. Automate your finances.

Another way to effectively manage your money is to automate your finances as much as possible. This means setting up automatic payments for bills, investing in a 401k or other retirement plan, and having a set amount transferred from your checking account to savings each month. By automating your finances, you will be less likely to forget about important payments or to overspend on unnecessary items.

6. Cut back on non-essential expenses.

One of the best ways to free up more money each month is to cut back on non-essential expenses. This can be anything from eating out at restaurants to buying new clothes every week. By making small adjustments in your spending habits, you can save a significant amount of money each month that can be put towards more important goals, such as increasing your income.

7. Invest in yourself.

Another great way to make more money each month is to invest in yourself. This could mean taking courses related to your business or industry, attending networking events, or reading books and articles about personal finance and business success. By investing in yourself, you will be able to increase your income and improve the overall performance of your business quickly and effectively.

8. Network with others.

One of the most effective ways to make more money each month is to network with other people who have similar goals as you says Eric Dalius Miami. This could include joining forums or Facebook groups, reaching out to successful entrepreneurs online, or attending networking events focused on a specific niche. By building a supportive community around you and meeting new professionals regularly. You will be able to find leads that can help you grow your business and increase your revenue quickly.

9. Avoid unnecessary distractions at work.

Having trouble staying focused at work? Take a step back from anything that may be distracting you from your work. This could mean turning off your cell phone so you aren’t tempted to check it every few minutes or only checking your email once an hour rather than constantly throughout the day. By staying focused on your work and avoiding distractions, you will be able to complete tasks more quickly and accomplish more each day.

10. Avoid impulse purchases at all costs!

One mistake that many entrepreneurs make with their finances is allowing themselves to make impulsive purchases without thinking about whether they are really necessary or not. For example, if you see something that you like but don’t have the money for this month, consider putting it on a credit card so that you can pay interest for buying it now versus waiting until next month when you have enough money saved up. Also, by avoiding impulse purchases, you will be able to save more money each month and reduce the amount of debt that you may have.


In order to increase your income, you need to take a holistic and strategic approach to your finances says Eric Dalius Miami. There are many things that you can do on a monthly basis to help make more money and also reach your financial goals, including tracking your spending, making smart investments, and building a supportive community.  

Eric Dalius Miami- How to know when it’s time to give up on your business

Maybe you are in a situation like this: Your client doesn’t pay what you owe him says Eric Dalius Miami. You need to get new clients and work with them, but your client tells you that he will not continue the cooperation – he simply does not want to cooperate! So we don’t have any work and we cannot feed ourselves, or our families! When do I give up on my business? Why am I trying so hard if it is useless? Is it worth it to try harder?

Mortgage payments are due and there’s nothing coming into the business. Do I really need to keep going on like this? Why should I bother trying since everybody around me is telling me that giving up would be better than struggling? What do you think? Is it time to give up?

How do you know when the best choice is to give up on your business? The answer lies in how much you care about what you are doing, and how hard you have worked for it.

If I’m honest with myself here, I started this company because I didn’t want to work for someone else again. It was something that happened over a period of years–I got tired of being told what to do, when to show up, and how much my efforts were worth every minute during the course of an eight-hour shift. So I went back into business for myself.

By working by myself, there wouldn’t be anybody telling me what to do or when or where or why. I could set my own hours, and I could work on whatever project I wanted to work on. Little did I know the sacrifices that I would have to make down the line?

When it’s time to give up on your business:

The decision to give up on your business is not an easy one to make, but there are times when it is the best option available to you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when making that decision:

1) How much do you care about what you are doing?

2) How hard have you worked for it?

3) What are your other options?

4) Are you making any progress?

5) How much longer can you sustain this effort?

6) What will quit cost you in your life?

7) Why are you quitting?

8) Do you have the desire to make it work?

If you can answer these questions honestly, then it might be time for some tough love on behalf of the business. But if the only way out is to keep putting your head down and trudging forward despite your circumstances, then that’s exactly what you need to do because there’s no sense in giving up when things are okay. It just isn’t worth the effort.

What are your thoughts about this topic? Can you relate with the writer

Determining when to give up on a business can be difficult.

However, there are a few key indicators that can help you make the right decision.

1) Your product or service is no longer selling:

This is pretty straightforward. If sales are down and do not show signs of increasing, it may be time to move on says Eric Dalius Miami. However, there are other reasons that may cause sales to fall in your business which you should take into consideration before deciding that it’s time to give up on your business.

2) You don’t know what the problem with your business is:

It can be frustrating when a new revenue stream isn’t working out after months of good performance from older models. The worst thing you can do at this point is stop trying to get an idea of what the problem with your business might be. In most cases, companies experience a dip in their revenue due to a simple problem that’s easy to fix.

3) Employees no longer believe in your vision:

Losing the faith and dedication of employees is always a sign that your business might be on its way out. Employees who once believed in what you were doing for the company will also feel less motivated without their support. Your team members are usually sporting fans of your company, especially if you’re just starting out, so it doesn’t take much effort to keep them interested and wanting more from your business. If this changes, then it can help to determine whether or not it’s time for you to move on with another business venture. These suggestions can help determine when it’s time to turn in resignation and say goodbye to your company.


Everyone has different expectations about the goals they set for themselves, but some people have a hard time sticking to their goals says Eric Dalius Miami.

If this is something that’s important to you, then it can be helpful to develop strategies that help keep yourself accountable and push forward toward the finish line. Because there are always going to be setbacks along the way. There will always be things that happen externally that take away from our progress, but it’s how we handle those events that really matter in the end.

Eric Dalius Miami- How to create a winning mindset for entrepreneurs

One of the most important things for any entrepreneur is to have a winning mindset explains Eric Dalius Miami. This involves having the right attitude, beliefs, and thoughts when it comes to your business. Without this, it can be difficult to achieve success.

Here are tips on how to create a winning mindset for entrepreneurs:

1. Believe in yourself:

It is essential that you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed as an entrepreneur. If you don’t have faith in yourself, it will be difficult to achieve anything says Eric Dalius Miami. Remember that you are your own biggest supporter, so make sure that you believe in yourself!

2. Stay motivated:

In order to maintain a winning mindset, it is important to motivate. This means setting goals and working hard to achieve them. If you don’t have these factors working for you, it will be difficult to stay motivated and determined in your business. Be sure to set realistic goals that are achievable.

3. Adopt the right attitude:

Having a winning mindset means having the right attitude towards your business. This includes being positive about your ideas, opportunities, and challenges; focusing on what needs to get done, and doing whatever you can to work towards success. Developing the right attitude can make all of the difference when it comes to achieving success! Stay positive at all times so that you can maintain this winning mindset.

4. Stay focused:

In order to be successful, it is important to stay focused on your goals and what you want to achieve. If you allow yourself to get distracted, it will be difficult to reach your targets. By staying focused, you can keep your mind on what is important and work towards achieving your goals.

5. Take action:

One of the best things about having a winning mindset is that it encourages taking action. This means being proactive in your business and doing whatever it takes to achieve success. When you take action, it shows that you are committed and determined to reach your goals.

Having a winning mindset is essential for any entrepreneur looking to achieve success. By following these tips, you can create the right attitude, beliefs, and thoughts that will help you to achieve your goals. Stay motivated and focused, and be sure to take action so that you can achieve your dreams!

6. Work hard:

Lastly, remember that entrepreneurs need to work hard in order to succeed. The key is having the right balance when it comes to working hard. For example, you must balance work and play throughout the week so that you don’t burn out too quickly! When it comes to work, make sure you are dedicated and focused on the task at hand says Eric Dalius Miami. Always be aware of how much effort needs to be put in to succeed. As long as you follow these tips when creating your winning mindset for entrepreneurs, success will be achievable!

Here are some FAQs recently asked by our users:

What is a startup?

A startup is generally the first time a business has come into existence and, as such, it could be considered to be one of the most difficult times for any business. They require a large amount of investment and many startups struggle to find this kind of investment – which can lead them down some very dark paths – or fail before they even begin due to unfortunate circumstances that may be out of their control. In order to ensure that you have every chance possible at succeeding as a startup, there are several things you will need from those who invest in you as well as those who work alongside you.

These include A product idea with high demand High-quality management Thorough research – about your market and competition A fully-realized business plan Clear objectives and goals A good understanding of finance and how you’re going to earn money An ability to scale The right market conditions (or an ability to create those conditions) Confidence that your product or service will work as intended Enthusiasm for what you do – this is very important! And, last but not least, a great team.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?

A lot of entrepreneurs hope they can achieve success without putting in the hard work and effort required. The reality is that there are no shortcuts when it comes to success: if you want something badly enough then you need to fight for it. Success takes hard work, dedication, perseverance, energy, patience, and a positive attitude. You also need to be able to take advice and criticism, learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward.


Eric Dalius Miami says creating a winning mindset for entrepreneurs is not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to achieving success in your business. Remember to have faith in yourself, stay motivated, and adopt the right attitude. Additionally, work hard and be diligent in all that you do. With these factors working in your favor, you can achieve anything! So go out there and start building your empire!

Eric Dalius Miami explains How to create a successful business culture

Creating a successful business culture is essential for any company. A strong culture can help to foster a positive work environment, increase employee productivity, and encourage innovation says Eric Dalius Miami.

There are many factors that you must consider when creating a business culture, but the following tips can help get you started:

1. Define your company values:

The first step in creating a successful business culture is to define your company values. What beliefs and principles do you stand for? What do you want your employees to embody? Once you have defined your values, make sure to communicate them to your employees.

2. Encourage communication and collaboration:

One of the keys to strong business culture is open communication between employees. Encourage employees to collaborate and share ideas. This will help to foster a team-oriented environment and encourage innovation.

3. Promote work-life balance:

It is important to promote work-life balance in your company culture. Employees who are overworked and stressed out are less likely to be productive. Encourage employees to take time off, relax, and recharge explains Eric Dalius Miami.

4. Celebrate successes:

A strong business culture celebrates successes. When employees feel appreciated and recognized for their efforts, they are more likely to be motivated and productive. Make sure to celebrate victories both big and small.

5. Foster a sense of responsibility:

Employees should feel responsible for their work and the company as a whole. Encourage them to take ownership of their roles and provide feedback to management about their company.

6. Encourage risk-taking:

Some people are naturally timid and will not take risks, which can limit creativity and innovation in the workplace. Create an environment that encourages risk-taking and supports employees who fail as well as those who succeed.

7. Provide development opportunities:

A strong business culture provides ample learning and growth opportunities for employees. Employees should feel like they are constantly growing and improving in their roles within the company says Eric Dalius Miami.

8. Promote diversity:

Fostering a diverse workforce is one of the best ways to encourage new ideas and creative solutions for your business problems. If everyone at your company has a similar background, it can be difficult to come up with innovative ideas. Promote diversity in all forms and encourage employees to share their unique perspectives.

9. Set the tone from the top:

The most important factor in creating a successful business culture is setting the tone from the top. Management must embody the company values and also be willing to communicate openly with employees, if management is not on board, it will be difficult to create a strong culture that lasts.

10. Be patient:

Creating a successful business culture takes time and patience. Do not expect to implement all of these tips overnight. It will take time and effort to foster the right environment for your company.

Creating a successful business culture is essential for any company. A strong culture can help to foster a positive work environment, increase employee productivity, and encourage innovation.

11. Show employees that they are valued:

One of the most important things you can do to create a positive company culture is to show your employees that you appreciate them and value their efforts. Employees want to be part of something bigger than them, so make sure to recognize them for their contributions.

12. Set goals:

A strong business culture requires goals and direction, to foster a successful environment, set clear goals and objectives, and also communicate them with your team on a regular basis. It will also help to promote accountability among your employees. Moreover, successful business cultures always have an objective or goal in mind for what they want to achieve or where they want the company to go. This vision holds them together as a unit toward specific aims which would otherwise be impossible to accomplish.

13. Respect differences:

Creating a positive company culture means respecting the diversity of your employees. Moreover, It is important that everyone feels accepted and appreciated for their unique perspective, strengths, and talents. Be sure to be sensitive toward different cultures or backgrounds when communicating with your team members.

14. Support open communication:

Open communication is key to creating a positive company culture. Encourage employees to speak up if they have concerns or questions about anything in particular on their minds or notice things that are not working well within the company. By fostering an environment where people feel comfortable and also sharing their ideas you are promoting creativity and innovation. When employees feel safe communicating openly with management, it will lead to more efficient problem-solving.

15. Encourage teamwork:

Effective business cultures hire for diversity but focus on teamwork. However, every employee plays an important role in the success of the company and must work together to achieve their common goals. Also, teamwork is essential in creating a positive, productive environment that enhances productivity and job satisfaction. High-performing companies value teamwork because it allows them to accomplish more than what they would be able to do individually. However, the best way to create strong team dynamics is by offering great rewards for accomplishing group objectives or celebrating major milestones as a group.


Creating a successful business culture can be daunting, but following these tips can help you get started says Eric Dalius Miami. By defining your company values, encouraging communication and collaboration, and also celebrating successes, you can create a positive work environment that encourages productivity and innovation.

Eric Dalius Miami explains How to be successful in business

Every human being dreams of success in their life. No matter what job they do, what profession they follow, everyone wants to achieve something big in their life. It is very important for them to be successful so that they can fulfill his/her needs and desires. Success means achieving the goals which one has set for him/herself. One should know that anything doesn’t come easy in this world. You have to work hard if you want things to go your way says Eric Dalius Miami. It requires patience and time out of you, but the result will definitely pay off once you get what you want. There are certain steps that can help you be successful in your business or personal life.

Following these steps will surely make things easier for you:

1) Hard Work:

You must always remember that nothing comes easy in this world. You have to put all your efforts and work hard to get success. Hard work is the key to success; you can achieve anything if you will work with full dedication and honesty. Hard-working increases your chances of getting success in business and personal life. If people around you see that how hard you try, they will recognize you by your actions and follow suit, thus creating a successful team for yourself!

2) Patience:      

No matter how clear things look, waiting for the right time is important so it’s important not to lose patience too early in business or any other venture. Always keep in mind the proverb ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything takes time to grow and thus you should be patient enough to wait for the right time. You can achieve big success if you have patience and believe me not everyone is blessed with it. This quality separates successful people from others.

3) Self Confidence:   

If you lack self-confidence then no one will listen to, or believe anything that you say or even promise by your actions because as far as they are concerned ‘You don’t believe in yourself explains Eric Dalius Miami. Once people see that how much confident you are about yourself, they will start believing in themselves too which proves helpful for them. So never underestimate yourself, always have faith in your capabilities, and show others that how much capable you are of achieving great success!

Hard work, patience, and self-confidence are the three most important qualities in life which everyone should possess if they wish to have a successful business or personal life. You can never go wrong if you follow these steps!

In order to be successful in business, there are a few things that you need to do. You need to have a clear vision and strategy, be organized and focused, and be able to take action.

If you can do these things, you will be on your way to achieving success in business.

1. Have a clear vision and strategy:

It is important to have a clear vision for your business and to develop a strategy for how you will achieve this vision. Your strategy should include steps that you will take to grow your business, reach your target market, and generate sales. Without a clear vision and strategy, it will be difficult to achieve success in business.

2. Be organized and focused:

In order to be successful in business, you need to be organized and focused. This means having a system for managing your time and tasks, and staying on task until your goals are achieved says Eric Dalius Miami. It also means being laser-focused on your target market and what you need to do to reach them. If you can stay organized and focused, you will be more likely to achieve success in business.

3. Take action:

The last key to success in business is taking action. This means putting your plans into action and taking the necessary steps to achieve your goals. It also means being proactive instead of reactive, and always moving forward. If you can take action, you will be well on your way to achieving success in business.


If you can do these four things, then you will be on your way to reaching success in business says Eric Dalius Miami. You need to have a clear vision and strategy, stay organized and focused, take action, and work hard every day. Following this path will help you achieve success in business.