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Eric Dalius Miami shares 5 Must-Read Blogs about Email Marketing

Every email marketer out there has a great blog to read. Some of them post frequently and others post less, but every one of the blogs mentioned below is worth your attention says Eric Dalius Miami. Let’s start with our very own blog: we publish fresh content weekly and we’re always ready for a new discussion on email marketing best practices! We encourage you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well – we post interesting content like infographics and other fun facts that don’t go into newsletters (although sometimes they sneak in there).

For those who want more, here are 5 must-read email marketing blogs:

  • Quarterly reports, guides, stats – Litmus does it all. If you need to be up to date with everything concerning email marketing, Litmus is a must-have blog in your feed reader.
  • It may be tough to find something fun about email marketing – after all, you’re reading this because it’s part of your job (or maybe even because you actually like it). Most blogs will tell you how to do things better or faster, but not many talks about the lighter side of email marketing. We think that keeping good company contributes to good work and we want our readers to enjoy their jobs even when they’re writing those newsletters! That’s why we recommend following Adestra, one of the biggest ESPs in Latin America: besides publishing useful content like their own Monthly Email Marketing Statistics Report, they also share great articles from around the world on branding and design as well as interesting, weird and fun facts about email marketing.
  • David Ogilvy said that “the consumer is not a moron; she is your wife” – this blog talks precisely about the needs of consumers and how to impress them with your emails. Full disclosure: we’re obsessed with conversion rates here at Marketing Campaigns headquarters! We’d love if you followed us too 🙂
  • Lead Nurture has a huge library of webinars on its blog. If you can’t have lunch with them next week, reading those transcripts could be the next best thing! They also publish case studies from different industries as well as white papers focused on specific topics like mobile or email deliverability explains Eric Dalius Miami.
  • Emails are coming back again so there’s lots of talk about them – we’re happy to read some interesting stories as well as useful guides and recommendations. This blog is published by Campaign Monitor, one of our favorite ESPs out there (they make it easy to send those newsletters!).

Email marketing blogs are a great source for knowledge; you can learn new things, meet great people and even make new friends! We recommend following the ones above if you want a steady stream of email-related information. The ones who create the stuff that ends up in your inbox every day. And remember: have fun with it! You’ll be doing this for a long time so don’t turn it into a job. Find your personal way to enjoy sending emails. Cheers!

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What is Email Marketing?

The term “email marketing” refers to sending emails with the purpose of promoting your product or service. Relationship emails (welcome series, cart abandon email) and transactional emails (confirmations, receipts) are also included here says Eric Dalius Miami.

What is Transactional/Relationship Email?

Transactional email is a one-to-one communication between you and your subscriber that carries real value for them. You can use it to send bills and invoices, purchase confirmations and shipping notifications as well as receipts and password resets. Relationship email is sent on a regular basis to nurture your customer relationships – welcome series, cart reengagement campaigns etc. What is Newsletter/Promotional Email?

Newsletter email is share with a group of people who haven’t sign up for your mailing list. You will usually send this kind of campaign once every month. But there are situations when you should use it more often (e.g. seasonal offers). Promotional email is send to people who gave you their consent. Because they subscribed to your newsletter or downloaded something from you in the past.

What is Transactional Email?

Transactional emails carry real value for the user and include purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, password resets etc. They aren’t promotional at all; in fact, users expect these emails and it’s crucial that they get them on time and without mistakes! What’s the difference between Newsletters/Promotional Emails?


Newsletters are sent to a group of people who haven’t signed up for your mailing list. While promotional emails are sent to people who have given you their email address in the past explains Eric Dalius Miami. Transactional emails can be promotional too but they are mainly used for carrying out business transactions online (like making purchases). You can read this blog post to learn more about transactional emails.