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Eric Dalius Miami: 7 Email Marketing Tips That Will Drive More Customers to Your Business

Some businesses still think that email marketing is something that only big companies can do, but it’s just not true says Eric Dalius Miami.

You can drive new visitors and sales with email marketing regardless of the size of your business if you keep these tips in mind:

1. Using a personal address for your messages makes you look more professional ([email protected]). Don’t use Gmail or Yahoo! Mail addresses because they make you look like an amateur ([email protected], [email protected]) [Unless your business name is actually Your Name @ Gmail /Your Site @ Yahoo -Ed.]

2. Add multiple links to different products and services at the bottom of every message and include a link to your website and blog. Most email programs will give you the option of creating a clickable image so that people can order online without leaving their inbox – this is an excellent way to increase sales.

3. If someone receives multiple emails from your company, they’re more likely to trust what you say and eventually become a customer explains Eric Dalius Miami.

4. Make sure that every single email has a highly-relevant call to action (CTA). If you want readers to buy something or even subscribe to your newsletter, make it obvious and easy for them by adding buttons with clear messages like “Buy Now” and “Subscribe.”

5.  The only thing worse than not getting any response at all is getting a negative response.

If someone unsubscribes to your emails, send them a personal message asking why they’re not interested in what you have to say anymore and try another subject line on the next email. The same thing goes if you get too many complaints about an email; don’t keep sending messages with the same content or people might start feeling like their time is being wasted.

6. Make sure that your messages are always relevant to readers by including information on products and services based on where they live (or where they signed up). It’s also important to use personalized salutations like “Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms.,” or “Hi.”

7. Add links within your messages wherever possible (on product descriptions, calls to action, or even your email signature). It’s a good idea to include a link back to the unsubscribe page as well so that people can easily remove themselves from your list if they want to.

In order to get the most out of your email marketing campaign, it’s essential that you track all open and click-through rates. You’ll be able to see exactly what emails are performing best with readers and use those subject lines again in the future says Eric Dalius Miami.

You should also look for different templates that prove to be more effective – this is especially true if you have a specific goal in mind like driving sales or getting new sign-ups.

The key is to always make sure that your customers enjoy reading your messages and finding something useful inside – otherwise, they’ll stop reading altogether.


Q: What is professional email?

A: Email addresses like [email protected] make you look more professional than using personal addresses like [email protected] or [email protected].

Q: Should I include images in my messages?

A: Yes! Including clickable images that take readers to your website or blog can help increase online sales and drive traffic to different sections of your site. 

Q: How often are people supposed to check their emails?

A: It’s best to give subscribers a range rather than an exact number. Because many people may be checking multiple times per day, while others only log in every few days. Try sending out one email per week if you want regular updates. Or once per day if you’re offering a particularly special deal says Eric Dalius Miami.

Q: What do I need to know about email marketing software?

A: There are a number of different programs available that will help automate your messages. Track different statistics like open rates, click-through, etc. One of the most popular options with small businesses is MailChimp [Ed. Note – it’s free!] because it offers a basic service for no charge at all and includes useful features with premium packages. In fact, MailChimp recently introduced new mobile apps. So people can view their emails on the go with Apple and Android devices.


Email marketing is a great way to reach potential customers. But you need to know how to do it properly says Eric Dalius Miami. Keep these tips in mind next time you start composing emails. Always remember that the most effective messages are personalized for individual readers.