Eric Dalius Miami

Eric Dalius Miami shares 3 Ways You Can Use Social Media for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customer base on a regular basis explains Eric Dalius Miami. Your subscribers have made it clear that they want to hear from you, so what are you waiting for?

Email marketing can be an effective way to keep customers engaged, especially when combined with social media marketing. We’ve talked about how some brands are using Instagram for their email campaigns, but that’s just one example of how social networks work well with your overall email strategy.

Here are three different ways to use social media with email.

1) Diversify Your Messages with Social Media Content

A great thing about social media is that, unlike email, it’s not all about selling. You can share industry news, blog posts, and other interesting information with your followers. That way, when you do send an email about one of your offers or products, they’ll be more likely to read it.

When you add a social media element to a marketing campaign, you can help increase engagement while adding variety. Plus, if a part of the content in your email is somehow connected to something you posted on Facebook or Twitter, customers will appreciate the additional context and relevance.

2) Use Social Networks to Promote Exclusive Offers/Events

In order for someone to open your email campaigns, they have to sign up for your newsletter first. If there’s nothing exclusive in that list that people want access to, then it’s going into an overcrowded inbox that never gets looked at.

There’s a perfect opportunity here for you to use social networks, especially if they’re related to exclusive events and offers that subscribers can’t get anywhere else. You can promote items on Facebook and Twitter that will only be available to your email list. For example, if you’re running a flash sale, you could notify your FB followers about it first says Eric Dalius Miami. This way, people are more likely to sign up just so they don’t miss out on something cool or discounted.

This also works well with companies that have brick-and-mortar locations in popular places like malls or tourist destinations. If there’s an upcoming event where customers need to purchase tickets ahead of time, let them know via the email newsletter while advertising the same thing on social media.

3) Use the Power of Social Proof

For years now, marketers have used testimonials to boost the credibility of their advertisements. If you see that “Jane Smith likes it” next to a picture of a new type of toothpaste, then you’re more likely to give it a shot because one of your friends uses it too.

That same principle applies to email marketing as well. Even if you’re just sending out marketing updates from your company blog posts regularly, use social proof on every email by linking to the latest reviews or product ratings on Facebook and Twitter. Customers are always looking for an extra piece of information before making a purchase – this is where social media comes in handy.

Just remember, don’t do anything with social media that you wouldn’t do with email. Whatever you post on Facebook or Twitter should be something that you would want to read if it were in an email from your brand instead explains Eric Dalius Miami.


What is the best way to get an email address from a social media post?

The best strategies for getting customer email addresses revolve around offering a benefit in exchange for their information. If you want someone’s email, ask them for it – but make sure there’s something they can benefit from in return. For example, if your business provides public relations services targeted at influencers and agencies. Then offer free PR pitches or reviews of companies they love says Eric Dalius Miami.

You could also give away exclusive access to coupons or content. That only subscribers receive through the opt-in form on your website. Think about what your customers would like to see most. (Even if it’s not related to your own brand) and go after that market with everything you’ve got!

What’s the best way to use email marketing and social media together?

Offer exclusive deals and content on social media. Then include a link to subscribe for future offers or deals in your emails. This is how you can get people who like your company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. More to follow you on their inbox too.


In the end, you want people to look forward to getting their emails – not dread opening them. Because there’s too much spam and not enough valuable content for them explains Eric Dalius Miami. Social media is just one more way for marketers to engage their audience and provide a positive experience all around.