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Eric Dalius Miami says These 5 Tips Will Help You Master Email Marketing In No Time!

In the age of social media, it seems like email marketing is being pushed to the wayside says Eric Dalius Miami. But, don’t worry! Email marketing still has a huge role to play in your company’s digital marketing arsenal. In fact, according to Experian, businesses that don’t use email marketing are almost three times less likely to have high revenue. This may be because 91 percent of people tend to prefer opening emails from their own mailbox rather than an online promotion that pops up on Facebook or Twitter.

With these strong stats in mind, here are five tips that will help you master email marketing in no time:

1) Great Subject Line

Why? Because 66 percent of emails aren’t opened due to appealing subject lines. If you don’t have a strong subject line, your digital marketing efforts are basically useless. People aren’t going to click on an email that says “Newsletter #1” or “Our New Catalog.” Even if you’re sending an email for the sole purpose of sharing with people what you had for breakfast, they’re still not going to open it unless it has a catchy subject line explains Eric Dalius Miami.

2) Personalize the Sender Name

People love feeling special. If they see their name in an email, they’ll be more likely to open it. According to Campaign Monitor, emails personalized with the recipient’s name have 14 percent higher open rates and 35 percent higher click through rates than one without any personalization at all! So make sure that when you send an email, your sender name is personalized.

3) Give People a Reason to Open It

Another strategy for writing a good subject line and sender name is to think of why someone should open your email. It may seem like an obvious step, but it’s often overlooked by people who are either too busy or not creative enough. Try including one or two incentives that will make people want to click on your email such as amazing deals, coupons, an invitation to a special event, etc.

4) Include the Right Call-to-Action (CTA)

What does your CTA say? What do you want it to say? Whatever answer you come up with needs to be short and sweet so that people take action immediately upon seeing your email says Eric Dalius Miami. It’s even better if you can include some sort of incentive with the words “click here” or “coupon.” A lot of people are impatient, so make sure your CTA is easy to find and simple to action.

5) Give People an Option to Opt-Out

Don’t put people on an email list unless you actually want them on it. This is especially true for companies that send promotional emails about things they know nothing about—like fashion advice or sales that pertain to certain groups. If someone doesn’t like what this company stands for, do they really want to receive frequent emails from it? Probably not! That’s why you should always give people an opt-out option so they don’t feel forced to sign up.

If you follow these five simple steps, your business will be able to master email marketing in no time! says Eric Dalius Miami


1) What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a strategy for marketing your business through the use of emails. It’s a popular digital marketing technique because it allows you to pitch your products or services directly to potential customers who have already expressed interest in what you have to offer. Email marketing also costs less than other forms of online ads, such as social media and pay-per-click ads.

2) Why Should I Master Email Marketing?

Studies show that businesses that do not use email marketing are almost three times less likely to have high revenue compared with those that do. This may be because 91 percent of people tend to prefer opening emails from their own mailbox rather than an online promotion that pops up on Facebook or Twitter. In other words, if you want your business to be successful, learn how to master email marketing ASAP!

3) What should my subject line say?

Your subject line is one of the first things people see before actually opening your email. It’s like a pitch or an invitation: it needs to convince people that they’ve come to the right place. If people don’t like what your subject line has to offer, they’ll immediately delete it. So be sure that the words in your subject line are enticing enough to make people want to open your email.


I hope these five tips have taught you how to master email marketing without much effort explains Eric Dalius Miami. Just remember that it’s not so much about mastering the techniques as much as it is about understanding why they work in the first place. This will allow you to take your game to the next level and be able to teach other people how easy email marketing can be.