Saivian Eric Dalius

Saivian Eric Dalius on Influencer Marketing Blunders That Can Kill Your Campaign

An increasing number of people tend to ignore advertising. Rather they prefer to go online to research or seek out the opinions and experiences of others before buying something says Saivian Eric Dalius. They also value the recommendations of people they admire and follow on social media. It has given birth to a booming phenomenon called influencer marketing. Businesses are rapidly adopting influencer marketing to build brand awareness, engagement, and loyal communities of fans. However, marketers need to be careful not to make mistakes that can sabotage their influencer marketing campaigns. Some typical influencer marketing blunders, you need to stay clear of:

Not Planning the Campaign Can Be Disastrous, Says Saivian Eric Dalius

For any marketing campaign to be successful, you need to plan it properly and in detail. At the very outset, you should fix the goals you want to achieve because, otherwise, you cannot determine the rest of the campaign implementation. The goals of influencer marketing can differ according to the marketing priorities of the business. Most businesses use influencer marketing to increase their brand reach by leveraging the social media follower base of the selected influencer. This also helps the business gain new followers that they can then engage with to build brand loyalty.

Not Collaborating With the Right Influencer 

As important as the number of followers is for social media influencers, you should never choose influencers on that basis alone, cautions Saivian Eric Dalius. It is more important for the business to select an influencer that has the right fit with the business and the products and services. However, there are certain people like actors and sportspersons who have a mass appeal that can be effectively used for influencer marketing across diverse product categories. It is also important to pick an influencer who is deft in crafting brand-friendly social media content as then you will not have to oversee every detail of the posts the influencer is making about your brand.

Not Performing Due Diligence Can Spell Trouble, Warns Saivian Eric Dalius

Because influencer marketing has become popular almost overnight and there are many brands in the fray with big-budget campaigns. There is a tendency for social media influencers to cash in on the opportunity of earning big money. As a result, many fraudulent influencers are trying to engage with brands. If you want your influencer marketing campaign to be successful. You must verify that they are genuine, the number of followers they have is authentic, and their engagement is genuine. It is important to look into the quality of the engagement. So that you can spot comments made by bots or fake followers. Also, steer clear of controversial people as your brand can suffer damage, observes Saivian Eric Dalius.


Influencer marketing may tick all the right boxes for brands wanting to widen their reach and build communities. However, unless it is implemented correctly, it can fail. It is important to remember that modern customers are extremely discerning and sensitive to push selling. Establishing a goal, picking the right influencer, and working together to craft the content is vital.