Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius Talks about the Psychological Price a Successful Entrepreneur Has to Pay and How to Cope With It

Many of us get bedazzled by the lifestyle of successful businesspersons. All thanks to the media coverage that focuses on how extravagantly they live says Eric Dalius. And we believe in all of that! The fact is only a very small percentage of successful entrepreneurs live such an exciting high-profile life. Most of them do not own islands or travel from one place to the other in their private jets. Nor do they hang out with celebrities. They live well, if not extravagantly. 

Success doesn’t come easily to anyone. Everyone has to sacrifice something or the other. Attaining goals and maintaining success can be quite a daunting task for entrepreneurs. Eric Dalius says that you may have to pay a psychological price for it. That’s the nature of entrepreneurship. Many businesspersons experience anxiety and depression. Often, it becomes so evident that they have to seek help to deal with the mental health issues. Some of the probable factors responsible for bringing around such a change in person are discussed below. 

Eric Dalius has observed that entrepreneurs feel alone most of the time

Surely, every successful entrepreneur must be having friends and family. Yet, they are alone. It’s so because when it comes to facing the challenges, it will be you who will be deciding for your company. Yes, you will have a team to advise you, but the final say will be yours. You alone have to bear the burden if anything goes wrong. And most successful businesspersons worry about this. They become anxious while thinking about how to deal with such a situation. It takes a toll on their mental health. You cannot share such things with your family members as they will become worried. So, a feeling of loneliness creeps in. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, Eric Dalius advises you to look for a mentor who will listen to you and guide you accordingly.

Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, says Eric Dalius

Once you become an entrepreneur, it becomes impossible to lose the spirit. Every waking hour of your life, you will be thinking of what to do next to take your company to the next level. You can never compare your business life with a nine-to-five job. But you should know your limit. The moment you may feel mental fatigue, you must stop yourself and pay attention to the problem. Do not be late to address it.

Failure is the pillar of success

If you have to taste success, you must also taste failure. You may fail many times before you reach your goal, but the lessons you will learn from it will be for a lifetime. Many people give up hope after failing a few times, but they do not understand one thing – you have to do it right once to achieve what you have been aspiring to for so long. For that, you have to keep on trying and stay focused.  


Identifying issues are sometimes difficult for the concerned people as they remain engrossed in growing their business. But they must take notice of these concerns because if they start facing psychological issues it will not only hamper their professional life but also take a toll on their personal life.