Eric Dalius

How to Hire a Marketing Company That Gets You Results – Insights by Eric Dalius

Most startups are established by technocrats who have strong product design and engineering skills says Eric Dalius. However, these entrepreneurs are generally clueless about marketing and distribution, which is essential for business success. It is why it is worthwhile appointing a marketing company that can not only engage in the labor-intensive process but also brings innovative ideas to the table. Unfortunately, outsourcing your marketing can be risky if you do not know what to consider when hiring a marketing company. Some valuable insights:

Identify Your Objectives, Advises Eric Dalius

Even before you start talking with the marketing companies, you need to be clear about what you want so that your search is more productive. When figuring out your objectives, try to be as specific as possible because then you will be able to hire the best-suited marketing company. You can also measure your results to hold them accountable. You can hire a company that oversees the entire gamut of marketing activities or ones that specialize in certain activities like digital marketing, direct marketing, telemarketing, market research, etc.

Consider Specific Industry Experience 

When hiring a marketing company, you should ideally look at companies that have recent experience in your business niche, observes Eric Dalius. Seeking references from people you trust, especially those in the same industry who have used the services of a company is the best way of getting to know who to talk to. Looking at online reviews and customer feedback can be illuminating.

Shortlist, Review, and Interview

After you have identified a few marketing companies. That look like ones that can meet your requirements, you need to contact them. Give the companies a profile of your business, list your requirements. And ask them if they’re interested in working with you. Ask all the companies to give you detailed case studies of the work they have done for clients in your industry. So that you can understand their capabilities better. It is also a good idea to review their marketing efforts, especially their websites and social media accounts to find out whether they have the skills and the attitude you need. Ask them to make presentations and engage in detailed discussion regarding the strategies they think will work for you.

Ask For a Detailed Service Agreement, Recommends Eric Dalius

Request a detailed marketing proposal from the company you think best fits the bill along with itemized costs. So that you know what you are paying for and what they are supposed to deliver. Pin them down to specific and quantified deliverables and timelines and structure their remuneration around them. When you sign the contract. Try not to get locked into a long-term contract because of a short-term one. You can quickly reassess results and decide whether to continue with the same company or not, warns Eric Dalius.


Even though you want to spend as little as possible, you should never do it only based on costs. Your brand image and the fortunes of the business are in the hands of the marketing company. And you need to be confident about them. It is always worthwhile paying a little extra for high-quality and reliable services.